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Prostate cancer symptoms: Six signs when you urinate that indicate the deadly disease

PROSTATE cancer is the most common cancer amongst men in the UK, with the latest figures showing that one in eight men will be diagnosed during their lifetime. There are six symptoms to watch out for when you urinate. Daily Express :: Health Feed  More...

by admin | Published 15 hours ago
By admin On Sunday, November 18th, 2018

Stomach bloating: Nine foods to avoid if you get a bloated tummy and gas after eating

STOMACH bloating is a common digestive problem which often occurs after eating. Certain foods can be bloat-inducing and create gas in the abdomen, so what should you be avoiding? Daily Express :: Health Feed  More...

By admin On Saturday, November 17th, 2018

High blood pressure – the TEA you should drink every morning to avoid hypertension

HIGH blood pressure risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes. You could prevent hypertension symptoms and signs by drinking this tea every morning with your breakfast, it’s been claimed. Daily More...

By admin On Friday, November 16th, 2018

High blood pressure: Four common warning signs of ‘the silent killer’ – are you at risk?

HIGH blood pressure symptoms could be difficult to spot, which is why hypertension is often named ‘the silent killer’. But you could be at risk of high blood pressure if you have these tell-tale signs. Daily More...

By admin On Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Heart attack warning – five uncommon warning signs you should know about

HEART attack symptoms include chest pain, a pain in the arm, or feeling dizzy, and they usually vary from person to person. You could be at risk of deadly myocardial infarction signs if you have these uncommon More...

By admin On Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Arthritis: What’s the best type of food to treat arthritis pain?

ARTHRITIS is a lifelong condition that can be painful to live with. There’s no direct cure, but symptoms can be improved by eating certain foods and taking certain supplements. This type of food has been shown More...

By admin On Monday, November 12th, 2018

Flu warning: The four signs that your cold is something SERIOUS

FLU symptoms often overlap with having a cold, and it can be difficult to tell when your flu virus is actually a serious infection. These are the common signs that your cold is actually the flu, and how to prevent More...

By admin On Sunday, November 11th, 2018

Vitamin D deficiency – does your hair look like this? Signs to eat more ‘sunshine’ vitamin

VITAMIN D deficiency symptoms include tiredness, aches and pains, and excessive sweating. But you could also be at risk of the deficiency, and should add more vitamin D foods to your diet, if you have this sign More...

By admin On Friday, November 9th, 2018

Parkinson’s disease – the one dinner sauce that could prevent signs of brain condition

PARKINSON’S disease symptoms develop gradually over a long period of time, and they could be caused by nerve damage in the brain. Adding this cheap sauce to your dinner diet could reduce signs and symptoms of More...

By admin On Thursday, November 8th, 2018

High blood pressure – the 60p breakfast drink to avoid hypertension symptoms

HIGH blood pressure risk could be lowered by making some diet or lifestyle changes. You can prevent hypertension symptoms by drinking more of this cheap breakfast juice. Daily Express :: Health Feed  More...